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Guidelines for Admission of Foreign Citizens

іноземним_студентамIn accordance with the «Law of Ukraine on Education» citizens have the right to education regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, social or economic status, type and nature of occupation, philosophical beliefs, membership of political parties, religion, faith, health, residence and other circumstances. Admission of foreign students to study at State University of Economics and Technology (SUET) is based on: international agreements between Ukraine and other countries; agreements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine; agreements (contracts) between SUET and international organizations and individuals.

It's necessary to do the following for entrance:

  1. To select the profession and the educational program
  2. To fill in the application form on the web-site of the State Enterprise «Ukrainian State Centre of International Education» (03057 Kyiv, Oleksandr Dovzhenko Street, studyinukraine.gov.ua, +38 044 359 0539).
  3. To present the document for gaining the student's visa:
  • Passport,  confirming the citizenship
  • The document on the educational level, gained before, with the list of the obtained marks on the academic disciplines or the academic certificate.

      4. The written agreement for the processing of your personal data.

  • The entrance to the University is realized on the basis of the interview
  • The enrollment of students is realized twice a year, till March, 01 and November, 01
  • The forms of education day-time, extra-mural
  • The University provides a hostel



On the basis of the complete general secondary education (the training term - 4 years).

On the basis of the gained profession (college /technical school) 2 or 3 years, depending on the gained profession.


On the basis of the gained Bachelor's educational level. The term of training in the day-time form - 1 year and 4 months. The training term in the extra-mural form - 1 year and 6 months.

The teaching is realized in the Ukrainian language. The special program of 1 year - term is foreseen for the adaptation and learning of the Ukrainian language. The separate educational courses are held in the English language.


The cost of preparatory courses and training should be checked with the coordinator.


  • Is the leader of modern higher education in the sphere of Economics, information technologies, law, metallurgy, mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering.
  • Is the highly-quailed education and the powerful Innovational-educational-scientific environment, the complete spectrum of educational degrees (Bachelor's, Master’s ones).
  • Modern technologies of training with the use of the virtual educational environment, the team work at the projects, master – classes.
  • Is the individual approach to the formation of the student's educational process; the combination of training at the University with training in the working places, in the companies for gaining the definite qualification, thus,  training is realized,  according to the dual form/
  • Is the opportunity to study on another profession of the University with the reduced term and the privileged payment in parallel.
  • Powerful and efficient international ties, according to the program of the academic mobility and the double studios.
  • Is the modern platform for communications with the leading domestic and foreign employers with the successful professionals in their spheres for the promotion in the provision of employment.

іноземним_студентамThe additional opportunities for development: the trainings and the lectures of the leading Ukrainian and foreign professionals, the experience training, the realization of the innovational ideas and business-projects.


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