The international activity of SUET is a priority area of the university's development, the main goal of which is to comprehensively promote the internationalization of the university's educational and scientific activities, establish and develop international and inter-university relations, and develop the university as a full-fledged participant in the international educational space.

Mission of the internationalization of the University is to improve the quality of educational services to citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, the performance of the University by implementing international experience, increasing its presence in the international market of educational services, positions in international rankings, through international academic mobility, increasing partnership projects and joint activities in Ukraine and abroad, developing and implementing innovative technologies, modernized methods of work and study organization.

The Internationalization Strategy of SUET was adopted to promote the internationalization process.

Objective of the University's internationalization is complex and includes:

  • Positioning the University as an internationalized higher education institution with high standards of education and research.

  • Establishing fruitful scientific, educational, informational and cultural cooperation between the University and international institutions.

  • Expanding the geography of promoting the educational brand and the results of the University's activities.

  • Promoting the free movement of students, academic and technical staff within the framework of international academic mobility programs.

  • Introducing a culture of tolerance and inclusiveness to attract foreign students, teachers and researchers.

  • Spreading the culture of European values of democracy, openness, green and digital transformation, and innovation for sustainable development of society and economy.

  • Formation of a system of international academic mobility that will help ensure the effective implementation of the tasks defined by the University's Charter in the process of achieving high international competitive positions.

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of educational, scientific and other services through the implementation of the best international practices, implementation of joint innovative projects with domestic and Western partners.

  • Development of skills and abilities of the University graduates that will allow them to compete confidently in the global labor market.

  • Dissemination of the results of the University's international activities to promote the socio-economic development of the region.

The University is open for cooperation with teachers and researchers from different regions.

The priority areas of research of the SUET scientific community are solving problems of international relations and political science, comparative jurisprudence and international law, world economy and international economic relations, public administration and economic diplomacy, ecology and metallurgical production, mechatronic systems and digitalization, management and international business, linguistics and sociology, public relations and cultural studies, philosophy and informatization of society.

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